Post-Mastectomy Women Without Breasts, You Are Not Alone

A wonderful article by Sara Bartosiewicz-Hamilton, Founder, Flat & Fabulous.  I am acquainted with Sara only online, through her work in Flat & Fabulous, and she is a great inspiration to me in her energy, clarity and wisdom.
—Barbara White

Image: Sara Bartosiewicz-Hamilton

An excerpt:

We called the group “Flat & Fabulous” because [co-founder] Barbie [Ritzco] was always a huge advocate for women to “flaunt your flat.” We didn’t want to make just another cancer group. We wanted to make the community about empowerment and helping women find their beauty and strength. We also wanted a place where we could talk privately about anything related to our common reality — from talking about whether other people can tell that we don’t have breasts to deciding on what kind of bathing suit to wear.

To read the complete article in Huffington Post Women, click here.

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